Friday’s Fun Finds~

Hello!  I promised you something a while back that I haven’t followed through with yet.  I know…I’ve been remiss, but I can truthfully say that I’ve been busy with life and that is my excuse, lol! 😉

I received my Knit Kit after waiting on pins and needles to have it delivered once my time on the waiting list was over…most places who sell this kit are working overtime to try to keep it actually in stock, as it’s been such a hot little item!  So if you decide you want one yourself, you need to be prepared to wait a little while they catch up, lol.

Knit Kit in palmWell…let me tell you that I really LOVE mine!  It’s actually a bit bigger than I imagined it would be, but is nice and smooth and slim, so it fits in easily to most little knit bags.  As you can see by the pic, it’s about the size of my hand. 

Knit Kit piecesI’ve had a chance to use it on a couple of projects already and it is SO handy!  The tape measure is an absolute must, of course, and works nicely… the stitch counter is perfect and even has a lock button so that it doesn’t  accidentally switch numbers on you while bumping around in your bag. 🙂  The scissors are very nicely sharpened and the little thread cutter snips through a variety of yarns with ease.  The little compartment in the back makes a perfect spot to tuck my tapestry needle and other little necessities.  The only thing I think might not get used as much is the crochet hook…I’m not really fond of pastic hooks, and the shape of this one might make it a challenge to use, but  it will be a great thing to have if I’m in a pinch and can’t find anything else.

Product Review:  As a whole, I give an A+ for wonderful convenience and compactability… because now I don’t have to carry all those separate pieces along with me!  😀

Another little item that I whipped up to kind of go along with my new little Knit Kit is my stitch marker dangle.  I figured that since I have made so many little markers for use on my fine gauge looms (they’re very helpful in marking pattern variations!) that they needed a place to dangle and be kept safe.  Of couse, it needed to be pretty as well.  😉  So this is what I came up with:

Stitch Marker Dangle


There are extra little hooks to hang odds and ends from, such as needles, etc…and the clasp at the top hooks it nicely to a bag, or to the top of my Knit Kit!  Now I have everything I need in one hand little bundle.  I have a chain that the Knit Kit is threaded on while working on a project, so that I can wear it around my neck.  With all these sparklies attached, I look like I’m wearing some kind of stylish necklace, lol.  Who said we can’t look great wearing our knitting tools???  😉

Hope you got some great ideas, and that you and yours have a wonderfully splenderific weekend! 😀


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2 Responses to Friday’s Fun Finds~

  1. Jenny says:

    Very fun, Bethany 🙂 I’ve been having a ton of fun with beads lately too. Hope you have a splenderific weekend too!

  2. robinlmccoy says:

    I’m such a bad blog reader. 😦 But at least I’m trying to catch up. That Knit Kit is so much bigger than I imagined. 😛 And your stitch markers are beautiful. 😀

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