Keepin’ on…

Hello, everybody! 😀 I keep thinking about you all and about how I want to post about things that are happening here, but I just don’t get the chance to dive in as deeply as I wish to.  If you’re watching for what’s goin’ on in my little corner of the world, you can gleen little snippets on my Twitter page found on the right hand sidebar.  I do make the use of  little stolen minutes that I jump on and tweet little tidbits of what’s happening…but in general, I’m just keepin’ on, keepin’ on. 😉 

I didn’t realize how much I wasn’t doing at home until I directed my gaze completely on that front and saw what a mess my corners are…whew!   Talk about stacks everywhere that were just put aside to be gotten to when the time was right.  Let me tell you, the time really never was right, judging by how many there are, lol!  So, in light of the fact that we will be moving soon, I figured I’ll just go through them all as I organize and pack.  Much simpler and more streamlined that way.  Now I see clearly what my hubby was complaining about.  😛  Did I tell you I’m a serious pack rat???

On another note, I thought I’d share another photo from my Digital Photography class… that I got a 14 out of 15 points.   This category was for Portraiture.  I was able to catch a lovely shot of my darling daughter snuggling with my great nephew Blake…aren’t they so cute??

Dailey SP-11 Portrait

 I also have some fun shots of my hubby’s birthday last night, which I will share soon, I promise!  Have a wonderful day…


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2 Responses to Keepin’ on…

  1. Robin McCoy says:

    Wonderful pic!

  2. Jenny says:

    Absolutely beautiful picture, Bethany! Love it!

    I finally made my way over to twitter so I can catch snippets of what you are up to 😉

    Have a great weekend!

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