humbly honored…

I have been remiss in my blogging duties lately.  Over the past couple of months I have missed telling you about certain awards that this little gettinitpegged bloggie has received.  As you know, I’ve been really super busy lately.  But recently, the number of awards has increased, and I just couldn’t go any longer without officially hollaring out a big “Thank You!”to those who have so kindly picked my blog out of the multitude of great choices available out there in cyber-world to honor.  Now it’s my turn to pass along the feel good blessings… 🙂

marieantonetteThe first nomination I was so richly given was the Marie Antonette Award.  This was passed along to me from Monika Rose Crochets.  I hate to admit this, but she actually gave this to me back in December.  I so much appreciate this, Monika Rose, and hope you didn’t give up on me posting about your award…so sorry.

What a very classy looking pic, don’t you think?

blog_is_fabulousaward1The second award I was so humbly honored to receive was from Cindy Crochets.  This was given to me back in February…I know…baaaaaadsheepme!  So sorry for the lateness in posting, Cindy! But I appreciate your nomination very, very much!

Don’t you just love this picture?  It’s so artsy!

Okay…now we’re into more recent nominations, lol!

este-blog-investe1I received this award from my friend Robin McCoy.  Here’s what the award represents:
“This blog invests and believes in the PROXIMITY-nearness in space, time and relationships. These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement! Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers!”

This is what Rockin’ Robin said about my bloggie:  “Ever since I first ran across Bethany’s blog, I thought it was special and unique.  She keeps it so clean and pretty and blogs about life as much as she blogs about other stuff.  She has taught me a lot and has the same kind of loving patience that I try to instill in my own life.  Bethany is another one of those incredibly sweet people, and her daughters are following in her footsteps, and that makes her a great mom as well. “

I can’t tell you how much these sweet words touched me!  Thank you so much, Robin, and know that I feel the same way about you!  :*)

Kreativ BloggerThe second award was given to me by 3 people!  On the same day both Robin McCoy and Brenda Myers passed on this excellent trophy.  Talk about “proximity!”

Then a couple days after, Jenny Stark sent a nomination winging my way as well.  🙂 She says: “This blog belongs to my fabulous friend Bethany.  Bethany has created a sunny, cheerful corner of the internet.  She is a very talented loomer and has some super tutorials on her blog. ”  Thank you so much, Jenny!  You are one of the most cheerful and giving people I know, and deserve all good and wished for blessings spilled to overflowing into your life.

The rules for this particular award require me to list 7 things that I love:  hmmmmm….there are so many!

  1. I love playing with yarn!
  2. I love spending time with my family…that’s the best, actually.
  3. I love getting a “perfect” shot with my camera…usually after a zillion tries and admonitions to my kids not to make faces, lol.
  4. I love taking long hot baths….mmmmm & ahhhhhh!
  5. I love colors…I like to fill my life with every color possible, except maybe peach.
  6. I love bags.  My family really teases me about this.  I just can’t help being literally drawn to the purse/bag sections of stores, or thinking of what bag I can make next, lol!
  7. I love to make things…I thrive on the thrill of creating something with my own hands that is original and unique.  It feeds my soul.  🙂

The next item on the list for this award (and all the others) is to pass on the good fortune and blessings that receiving these lovely nominations gives.  This is hard for me, because I know that all my favorite blogs and their wonderfully creative owners have already received awards and congrats and kudos many times over.  I don’t want it to seem cliche. I list the blogs on my side bar not as just something to fill up space, but as a promise from me that you’ll find good and marvelous things therein, and that you’ll make a new friend along the way.  🙂  So, if I am repeating the nominations already given, I apologize, but I assure you that these bloggers deserve to be honored again.

  1.   Of course, Isela Phelps is the queen of looming, and has been a great mentor and friend.  She is very giving of her valuable time for the betterment of loom knitters from beginners to advanced.  Thanks, so much Isela!
  2. Knitting Without Needles  Denise Layman is another great giver of her time.  She runs a website full of information about all things yarny, whether it’s techniques, books, new projects, or fresh inspirations…Thanks for all you do, Denise!
  3. Rockin’ The Loom  Robin McCoy has been a huge help to so many out there learning to loom knit!  She’s involved in so many groups to give of her time and help enrich this craft and the people in it.  Her creativity is blooming…I just can’t wait to see what will come from her corner next!  Thanks so much, Robin!  You’re an excellent friend to have. 🙂
  4. GuppyGirl  Jenny Stark, as I’ve mentioned above, has such a sweet spirit and a big heart.  If there’s work or help to be given behind the scenes, you can bet Jenny’s involved in some way.  You can find her in so many of the groups, ready to give a helping hand or an encouraging word.  Jenny, your efforts do not go unnoticed, believe me!  You’re splenderific!
  5. Cre8tive KJ’s Corner Karen Gielen is a wonderful crafter, looming designer, and mom extraordinaire!  She somehow finds the time to create innovative designs and help out in many of the groups, while raising her 6 kids, as well as her alpacas!  She has a wonderfully artistic  sense of style in everything she does… Thank you, Karen, for all you do!
  6. Loom Lore  Brenda Myers has added magic to the world of looming with her wonderful little creations!  She has provided countless hours of pleasure for everyone who embarks on creating one of her whimsical projects.  🙂  Brenda is always available with a helping hand and an encouraging word…Many heartfelt thank you’s go to you, Brenda!
  7. Hankering For Yarn I can’t even begin to describe Noreen Crone-Findlay’s ability to create magic at the drop of a hat!  Her life seems to be defined by her artful nature and creative inspirations; her blog contains daily doses of it all.  She will weave her way into your heart in no time flat, lol!   Many thanks go to you, Noreen, for providing endless amounts of whimsical pleasantries.  🙂

There truly are many others that I could name, but, as you can see, this post is already on the longish side, lol!  We’ll leave that for another day…  Everyone out there in Fiberland, please accept my many thanks for all your time and efforts given to help others find the joy of artistic crafting!  You are greatly appreciated.


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4 Responses to humbly honored…

  1. Jenny says:

    Aw, Bethany – you are too kind ❤ I’m touched by your sweet words. Thank you so much and right back at you! Have a great weekend 🙂

  2. Tanya says:

    I’m nominating you again for the Kreativ Blogger award! I love your patterns that you post here. 🙂

  3. robinlmccoy says:

    Isn’t it funny how we all seem to run in the same circles and therefore end up nominating the same people? LOL! You deserve the awards! I actually have a student that was talking about you, but she never said your name. She was mentioning that she would probably need private lessons and where she lived and that a nice lady lived about 2 hours away that offered that she might be able to help. I told her that you lived in Wash. too and that you’d be great help, and guess what! You were the one she was referring to. LOL!

  4. Karen says:

    I finally had a few minutes to read some blogs and was pleasantly surprised you awarded me (my blog)! You have such nice things to say about me too! You are very kind 🙂 And, right back at ya because I think you are the most creative spirit I’ve ever come across 🙂 I always find inspiration when I stop over here and am always amazed at your new projects and you always do everything with such polish and finesse!

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