Valentine Surprise~

Hi! 😀 How was your weekend? I hope you had an excellent Valentine’s Day, spent with the ones you love most!

Mine was great…although it was kind of in a jumble over the entire weekend, as I had a lot of extra things going on, including my daughter’s 13th birthday…yep!…13! More on that later….


Sweethearts Banquet 1987

My hubby isn’t really too big on Valentine’s Day for the usual complaints of how commercialized it all is, and how showing of affection shouldn’t be limited to just one day of the year (of which he is excellent at demonstrating personally… he’s great in that way!), and how girls just use it to hold it over guy’s heads that they don’t love them enough if they don’t buy them just the right thing. Of course, I’m not like that, lol, he freely admits, but many across the entire female gender are afflicted with this disorder, and he doesn’t feel too inclined to support the whole manic moment.

He decided this was the year to be different. We were on our way to a dessert theater Friday eve,


Evan's Mushy 2009 Valentine 🙂

in which one of my eldest daughter’s friends was an actress, and stopped in at Costco to pick up some things on the way. We were grabbing a quick bite to eat (love those chicken bakes!) when all of a sudden he pulls out 3 Valentines! One for me and each of our girlies. He had stopped at 2 of our favorite stores to pick up gift cards for

1988-1-year-dating-anniv for one year (3rd time's a charm!)

us too! Of course the cards were such a zany Evan type of humor (Transformers, lol!), but it was so wonderful to see that he was thinking of the three girls of his life and wanted to honor them…while sitting at the food court in Costco, lol! He’s such a wonderfully, zany, funny, super-stupdendous, supportive guy. And he’s been my sweetheart for going on 25 years (18.5 of them married, and the other 6.5 years off and on dating since I was 12 and he was 13!)

Yesterday, he took us to the stores himself so that we could pick out our gifties. It’s okay…you can say it…”awwwwwwww…” My card was for Fashion Bug (my favorite clothing store) and I hit the jackpot with an awesome sale…a lot of their clearance was only $5.95, so I was able to score 5 really cute tops and a purse! WOW! 😀

lorna-dooneA little something I picked up from Amazon that I’ve always wanted for myself: a 1948 copy of Lorna Doone….one of my all time favorite reads.

You can also see one of my new shirts in the pic, lol. All pinks and browns…mmmmm. 🙂 I found a really cute brown vest at Eddie Bauer that goes great with it!

Oh, and don’t worry that my hubby didn’t get his Valentine… I ordered him the 5th season of X-files. He has been collecting them over time and I knew the next season was top on his list of must have’s. 😉

Well…I’ve talked your ears off, lol! I’ll let you go now, with the hope that your weekend was filled with lots of love all around… (Hugs!)

Taken by Evan...

Taken by Evan...


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4 Responses to Valentine Surprise~

  1. Isela says:

    Your Valentine’s Card is the bestest ever! One of these days you are going to have to spill the entire story about your and hubby–together almost since age 12..that is so romantic 🙂

  2. Jenny says:

    Sounds like it was a super Valentine’s Day ❤ Fun post. Hugs

  3. Karen says:

    I absolutely loved this post. I think that is just fabulous that you two have been together so long 🙂 A love of a lifetime. BTW, I spent V-day on a really long a** plane ride to Hawaii since my hubby forgot his driver’s license on Friday and we missed our flight. I was hoping to spend V-day in Hawaii. Oh well!

  4. gettinitpegged says:

    Heeeheee…I guess I’ll have to post a little story about how we got together. 😉 Maybe in June for our anniversary! You can spend the time between making up your own versions of the story, as I’m sure they would be hilarious to hear…and probably much more exciting than the actual version, lol. 😉

    Thanks for you comments, ladies!

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