Where’s Noah when you need him?

Hello everybody. I’m just popping by to let you know that I may be a little missing in action for a time. The waters are rising here in Western Washington. We had such a lovely white Christmas, and now it seems we’re going to pay for it.

looking-out-over-i-5-in-12-07-floodMy house is actually just inside the flood zone. Last year’s big flood saw 8 inches inside the main house and about a 20 inches in our garage. The warning now is estimated to be just under that. So needless to say… we’re going to have to do some quick moving to be prepared. Here’s an informative map of the flood zone in our area,  just in case you were interested… It’s quite amazing how extensive it is!

I’ll probably be off to my sister’s house until the waters receed… then to dennys-in-chehalis-12-07-flooddiscover what damage has ensued…not looking forward to that!  And just when we were beginning to get into the swing of going back to school.  Humph!  *crossing my arms and poking out a big pouty face*

Well… cross your fingers for me…and everybody else who has been enjoying the snow around here… I pray you all stay high and dry!

Here’s hoping there’ll be  rainbows ahead for this year’s flood waters!





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3 Responses to Where’s Noah when you need him?

  1. Jenny says:

    Stay dry and safe and we’ll see you when the waters recede 🙂 Here’s hoping for little damages. Hugs

  2. Karen says:

    Oh my goodness thoase pictures are sooooo scary! Hope you stay dry and safe!

  3. Hannah says:

    Hokey doodles!!!! Man oh man. Looks like you could go swimming! I hope you guys are all OK

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