Flash Back Friday!

Hiya!  I was honored to be the Spot Light of the Month for November at the Decor Accents Loom Group.  When we were chit chatting about what things made me tick, etc. I recalled a Christmas eons ago, when I was about 11 or 12 years old, in which my Missionette group held a play for our church.  My second eldest sister was the Missionettes leader, and she directed us in the play.  It was: It’s a Peanut’s Christmas, Charlie Brown!  I was fairly outgoing, and not a bit shy about saying which part I wanted to be:  Lucy!  …for 2 reasons: 

  1. She came in second for having the most lines, lol!
  2. She was kind of bossy/bratty, which unfortunately fit my personality quite well at the time.  (I’ve since learned to curb my exuberance a bit, and think of others before myself, lol.)

Anyhoo… I promised that I’d post these ancient pics of our early moment of stardom (Karen, are you reading this???)  I hope you enjoy, and get a real laugh at our obvious early 80’s attire, lol.


peanuts-play-giving-advicegifpeanuts-play-linus peanuts-play-finalegif

 Weren’t we so cool?!  😉

Thanks for reminiscing with me!  Be sure to have a groovy weekend…


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3 Responses to Flash Back Friday!

  1. Jenny says:

    Fun 🙂 We did a play about the Selfish Giant when I was in elementary. No idea where pics might be though. I was part of a group of girls that had to dance with broomstick men 😉 Thanks for sharing a bit of your past!

  2. Destiney says:

    I just had to comment. I was a Missionette too. Small world I guess.

  3. Karen says:

    Awwwe, you posted these pics just for me???? I feel so special! LOL!

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