December is offically here!!!

Oh my GOSH!!!  It’s December First!  You all know what that means…

Only 25 days left to prepare for all those holiday items on your list!!!!  YIKES!  I don’t know about you, but this puts my knees to quaking, loll!  😉 

I’ve got this quarter’s college course to complete, then it’s loom and sew like crazy to get everything done that I’ve planned.  This will be a “Make it with Love” year, lol!  Actually I try to make every year this way, but this year in particular will have many handcrafted items waiting to be received with joy by my loved ones.  I can’t wait!!!  😀

a-circle-of-feetOkay…check this out! 

This is a pic of foot forms I’ve just recently made of my hubby and 2 girlies.  I can’t openly discuss what these are for, as they sometimes peruse this blog.  😉  BUT, if you’re clever, and think reeeeeeaaaallly hard, I bet you can come up with an idea of how I’m going to be employing them. (You can also check here for another post about using this same procedure…and here for how to do pretty much the same thing while making a dress form!)

This was really fun for me to do, and the funny thing was that they all thought it was fun too, lol!  I made my hubby’s first, and the girls actually argued about who was going to get to go next!  😀  My hubby just asked as he good naturedly gave me his holey socked feet, “…and you’re suuure  you can’t tell us whyyyyyy you’re doing this????”  hehehehe.  I love surprises!

Our house is now decked out (at least on the outside) for the Holidays!  We worked off and on over the last week to get it looking sparkling and wintry.  This is the first year I’ve gotten to really go wild with the lights, so I’m really excited about this!  Check it out:


or here:

View this montage created at One True Media
Holiday Sparkles 12/1/08

I hope your holidays are already shaping up to be warm and bright this year!  Have a happy week!


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4 Responses to December is offically here!!!

  1. isela says:

    I thought those were bike saddles all wrapped up to put under the tree, I guess cycling is on my mind.

  2. Jenny says:

    Can’t wait to see what you do with the forms 🙂 Your house looks so pretty and festive. Can I move in? Hubby won’t put any lights up and I’m just no good at it.

  3. Hannah says:

    I think i know what those are for:) i wont say though, just in case.
    good idea though!!!

  4. Karen says:

    (referring to the foot wraps) I bet you got that idea from Kate on the gettingitpegged yahoo group, right???? I just saw another tutorial on how to make a form from someone’s body on Denise’s blog. I sure wish I would have had this information back in August when I really needed it 😀

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