Are you ready for THIS?!

There’s something NEW calling your name…

Is it a finger phone?  Or a stew pot that adds it’s own ingredients and simmers them to perfection?

No, of course not!  I’m talking about the most perfect knitting loom for those who have every person they hold at least a teensy bit of affection for on their sock looming list this year!  Or for those who just want to be able to make a wonderfully extra fine gauge pair of fibery goodness socks for their darling sons and daughters, their hubbies and wives, and even their Aunt Theolas!

Introducing the beautiful Wonder Sock Loom by Decor Accents!  It can knit every size sock, from baby to XL men’s!  How innovative! 

I know… you need this, right?  Well, there are 2 ways to get one of these babies in your hot little sock loomin’ hands:

  1. You can win one for FREE!   🙂  Just go right here to the announcement of this wonderful new loom, and submit a comment…this will enter you into the drawing!  One thing, though: make sure to tell them that I sent you over there, because you can also get entries by referring loomies to the ground breaking news!  😉 
  2.  Of course, you don’t have to wait…you can always just pop on over to the Decor Accents site, and pick one up today! 

Go ahead…you owe it to yourself to check it out…it’s really a marvelous loom, that will save you valuable $$ and time, as you won’t be having to hunt down (or purchase) the right size loom for your next project…it’s all in one!

Here’s to warm tootsies around the globe!


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1 Response to Are you ready for THIS?!

  1. Hannah says:

    Ohhh wowzas i love that sock Did you make it?
    I’m sure you’ve heard about my slow puter before. Yup you guessed it it won’t let me post a comment. Next chance I get to go to the library, i’ll go on the puter there.

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