We’re in the process of getting ready to go back to school.  My youngest daughter is already getting her feet wet in 7th grade and is enjoying it as much as can be expected for that age.  😉  Right now, her favorite class is Strings…she seems to really like her teacher, and is already learning new things under her tutelage. 

My eldest daughter is going to her first orientation class for Running Start tomorrow. 

I start next week.  It looks like rather than just sticking my big toe in to test the waters…I might be diving in over my head!  Depending on what my financial aid ends up being, I might be going full time, as well as working my new position as floral designer at my LCS (with more hours to help pay for school).  I’m glad at the prospect of moving ahead in my life, to help my family achieve our lifelong dreams…yet I’m definitely feeling a great upheaval and am unsure how well I’ll do at managing everything all at once.  Only time will tell!

I went to the college book store to pick up what my daughter and I will both be needing for our scheduled classes…we’ll be sharing the Political Science book, because we’ll be in the same class, lol!  Who would have ever thought!  🙂  And over $300 later, we were all set…YIKES!!!  Not fun!


But what has been fun, is shopping for regular school supplies: like this cool all in one binder/organizer, and this really pretty pink and brown notebook, and of course this so cool adjustable size insulated lunch box!  All I need now is a freshly sharpened bouquet of colored pencils to make it complete.  🙂 

I hope September has been bringing lots of good things your way!  😀


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2 Responses to Happy-Anxious…

  1. Jenny says:

    Good luck to all of you 🙂

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