Backing Up II~ my solution…
  One of your friends recommends that you try Carbonite!  
Bethany has asked us to send you a special risk-free invitation to try Carbonite Online Backup FREE for 15 days. Carbonite provides you with automatic, continual backup of your documents, photos, music and more, so you never have to worry about losing irreplaceable files.  
Sign up now for your FREE trial – no credit card required.  
  If you decide to subscribe after your trial, we’ll give you a free month as a bonus just for being Hey all my Loomy Friends!’s friend. In fact, it’s subscribers like Hey all my Loomy Friends! who can tell you all about Carbonite’s many benefits, such as:  

  • Ease of use. You barely have to lift a finger to install Carbonite. From there, all backup is done quietly and automatically—behind the scenes—while you use your computer. You don’t have to think about it. And you won’t even know it’s there!
  • Fast, simple restore. Need to recover files that you’ve lost? With Carbonite, it’s incredibly quick and easy.
  • Security and privacy. We double encrypt your files, the way banks do.
  • Great customer service. Need assistance? Just give us a toll-free call at US +1 8776654466.
  • Affordability. For only $49.95 per year, you can back up your entire hard drive-there are no limits.


Don't lose important files on your computer
What’s worse than losing all your computer files? Not having them backed-up, that’s what.

Carbonite has backed up 3.5 billion files. Now we’d like to back up yours.

Join the thousands of satisfied users who’ve put their trust in Carbonite. See why CNET news praises Carbonite as a “worthy investment of time and money, particularly for users who want a hands-off solution to backing up their data.” And why CNN proclaims, “Carbonite can provide the equivalent of a fireproof safety deposit box for digital content.”

The Carbonite Team

P.S. Before Carbonite, backup was a hassle. So computer users avoided it. Now you can get easy, convenient online backup that’s a cinch — with Carbonite. Try Carbonite Risk-Free today!


Hey, guys!  I’ve been trying this out for a while to see if Carbonite was the solution to my growing need to back up my files on my computer.  I figure that I can pay less than the cost of a separate hard drive, and have absolutely NO hassles to back up my files on an every day basis by using their system!  I’m kinda hooked! 😀 

I decided to tell you all about it, and invite you to try it out for free to see if you like it too…if you decide you do like it and want to stay with them, then just mention my name at the check out, and we’ll BOTH get a free month’s worth of coverage!  Isn’t that cool???  Try it out…I’ve found it’s both secure and simple to protect all my files and irreplaceable photos.  

So there ya go…sales pitch is done, lol!  I’m going to hopefully be finishing up my top secret project today, or tomorrow, and I absolutely can’t wait to show you!!!  😉

Have a wonderful weekend!



(Note: sorry this kind of goes off the page…I couldn’t get it to shrink…but the link buttons still work if you’d like to check it out…)

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