Jungle Gym~

We intended on making a day trip to the beach on Saturday, but once we drove an hour away from home, we heard a clunk, and then grinding in our driver’s side rear wheel.  The were just outside of Raymond, WA…a very small, sleepy town.  We slowly ground our way to the nearest parts store to see where the nearest tire shop was.  They didn’t bother to tell us at the time that none of the 3 were actually open on Saturday!  😛  We still had about 40 minutes more to drive to get to Long Beach, and we just didn’t want to risk damaging the car, or worse, injuring ourselves or others in an accident.  We knew we had to head back home. 

But before we left Raymond, we stopped at this really neat park that we found while searching for the tire shops.  This park is entirely formed of concrete, metal and re-bar…all shaped into a jungle theme.  Very COOL!!!  I put together this little video, so you can see what a neat park this was, and how much fun we had just hanging out.  We didn’t get to the beach, but all was not lost…we had fun just being together!  🙂

BTW: I’m still struggling with the video process…this is kind of blurry, as I couldn’t get my computer to save this file into anything but half quality without crashing…then it loses a bit more when uploading to the web.  But you’ll get the idea.  It’s still fun to watch!

PS:  The grinding noise stopped soon out of Redmond.  As soon as we got home we took the car straight to Les Schwab’s…Guess What?  They couldn’t find anything wrong!  I guess fate decided that Saturday was not the day for us to go to the beach!  We’ll try again another day.  🙂


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