Our Shocking…but fun…Weekend!

As promised, I’ve actually succeeded in getting the events of our weekend all laid out in pics and a VIDEO!!! 😀 I’m finally getting the hang of this video editing/uploading business, lol. This is great news for you loomies out there, as I have 2 videos that I’ve been trying to figure out how to get onto the Twisted Stitches pages…one of them since last year!!! So maybe I can finally have the chance to share them with you, since I’ve figured out how to get the last couple of videos on here just for fun. Let’s cross our fingers!

Have you ever heard of the SCA? It’s based on how life was during “medieval times”, and they occasionally have events where everyone gets together to experience a small taste of what life was like in the years from 500-1600 AD. They have authentic arts & crafts that you can participate in, and actually host fencing and heavy combat competitions!

My hubby was invited to go to our local chapter’s summer event called “Dragon’s Down”. In order to participate in these events, you have to come decked out in “garb”, as they call it, from the middle ages. Well, needless to say…we don’t happen to have any outfits of this type just hanging around in our closets, lol!

On Thursday, my hubby and I went to good ol’ Wally’s to check out what kind of fabric we could scavenge that would work to pull some kind of costume together for him. We found some 100% cotton in 2 nicely bright, yet coordinating colors, and some matching trim. We picked out a pair of medical scrubs bottoms, and even found a pair of leather sandals on sale for five bucks! Score! 🙂

We brought home all our bootee, and set to cutting out all the pieces, after carefully measuring him from head to toe for proper fit. We were using a set of instructions that we downloaded from a SCA website, on how to create a tunic that was most like what was actually worn during those times. Friday turned out to be so hot and muggy, that when I got home from work, I just draped myself on the couch and didn’t move, in the hopes that it would cool down a bit to get some (all, lol!) sewing done…no such luck. At about 5pm, I couldn’t delay any longer. My daughter, Emily and I got to work…it’s a very good thing that I’ve already given her sewing lessons, as she was a big help in the creating of this costume!

Here he is all decked out in his “garb”!

Isn’t he handsome?

And the costume’s not bad either!

We even made the belt!

We ended up working into the wee hours of the morning (until about 1am) on Saturday to finish it! 😛

But it was worth it to see how confident he felt in his Middle Ages “uniform” …this is definitely the thing to wear to win friends and influence people! 😉

It turned out that he was invited to be a judge in the Brewing and Vinting contest, so I got to tag along…sans-garb…after my work shift, to be the official chauffer of the judge for the trip home, lol.

Here are some general pics of the day…including the Combat Competition…

The sky went through some amazing changes as the evening on Saturday drew to a close…

Then, snuggily tucked in the covers…we were wakened by super loud cracks of thunder, and flashes of lightning right over our house! I knew I just couldn’t pass this conclusion of the day’s events up, so I jumped out of bed, grabbed my camera, and rushed out to the front porch to catch the excitement on film. It was pouring rain, so I stayed under the roof overhang, which in the end probably saved me from getting the shock of my life!!! As you’ll see in the video below, the lightning actually reached THROUGH the roof TWICE in it’s efforts to permanently curl my hair! Hope you enjoy! 🙂


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3 Responses to Our Shocking…but fun…Weekend!

  1. guppylovesshark says:

    You did a great job on the costume 🙂 Love it! And your hubby looks fabulous in it.

    Goodness! Next time it is storming, film it from inside. ❤

  2. Jeannette Pirkle says:

    Wow Bethany,what a shocking experience.How do you get the u-tube video and words posted? You did a great job. I don’t have a video camera so I think this is really cool.You do more than just loom patterns:-)

  3. Robin McCoy says:

    OMG, I am just speechless. I just told Jenny that I am not scared of storms, but that would have had me cowering in bed as close to Chris as I could get…if not UNDER HIM! AAAAHHHHH! You’re crazy!

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