Welcome to my Blogiversary Bash! :D

Hi!  I’m so glad you could come!!!  😀

There are lots of fantabulous goodies to partake of today…let me just give you a little run down…it’s just too fun to keep to myself any longer!

  1. I’ve posted a new FREEBIE!!!  Just go here to download in PDF format. Enjoy!
  2. I’m also frantically working on (computers, ugh!) a brand new Video Tutorial that goes along with the new Freebie Pattern.  I’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready, then just click here to view!
  3. We’re having a few CONTESTS!  Check here for the prizes!  But I figured we could all use something with a little different flair than the usual ideas…you’re all so creative out there…how about a story contest?!  I’ll start the story going, and each new comment will add to the dramatic documentation of… 

A Day in the Life of a Fiber Enthusiast sound fun?  Here goes…

   The shadows were still thick in the room, the moon’s rays still stretching to dispell some of the darkness, when her eyes suddenly popped open.  With a sharp intake of breath, she knew it had happened again.  She had had another one of those dreams…dreams of fiber, and looms, and intricate designs…  She reached over to flick on her reading light, grabbed her notebook which she always kept at her bedside for these exact moments, and started scribbling down layouts, and directions for the designs that could only have been given to her by some being who stayed just beyond the mists of her dreams.  She knew she had to write them down as best as she could, right when the moment hit her, or they’d be lost forever…What was the purpose behind these dreams?  Why her?

     The moment was gone as all sense of reality came crashing in around her.  Her alarm had gone off.  It was time to meet the day…would she have time to play with her yarn today?  Every time these dreams occured, the yearning to grab her looms and stay in all day was so overwhelming, but life went on…


Okay…it’s your turn now!  Just continue the story in the comments…where you take her day is all up to you (well, I might jump in here and there just for fun!)…Just make sure your comments are being input into the correct posting for the story to continue properly!  Oh, and let’s make it clean…this is a rated G blog, K?  K!  😉 

With each post, you’ll get an entry into a drawing!  How fun is that?  I’ll be introducing more ways to win as the day goes on, but we’ll start with this one first.  Okay…what are you waiting for?  Get typing…  🙂

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46 Responses to Welcome to my Blogiversary Bash! :D

  1. Robin McCoy says:

    She rolled out of bed to take her shower and dress in her loom knitted sweater, socks, hat, and mittens to head out the door to work. It would have been a lot easier on her if she didn’t work at the local yarn store, where she was tormented by fibers and yarns all day. They eerily called her name for hours. This could make her quite snappy if she payed attention to it long enough, so she busily set about helping customers, smiling, trying to be the most courteous and helpful person in the world until she could get home….to that notebook. Just before her lunch break, she had an epiphony of an important element that she must add to her idea from the ‘Design Goddess’. She must…..

  2. Stacie says:

    getting the kids up, fed and out the door to catch the bus. Then she remembered that she took the day off with out telling the family to have her own down time. The house is empty and she runs to the bedroom to grab her notebook to look at her idea again.

  3. Pat E. says:

    She must focus now. She feels the soft warmth of the yarn in her fingers and the longing to return to the NOTEBOOK gets stronger and stronger.

  4. Robin McCoy says:

    But, to complicate matters, the loom that she so desperately needs to use is all tied up with another project on it. She feverishly works to get all the stitches off of the loom with a strand of waste yarn while being very careful to not drop any stitches.
    That done, she leans back in her chair, takes a deep breath then realizes that she does not have the yarn!

  5. Hannah says:

    She rushes out the door and puts the pedal to the medal to try to get to the local yarn store she works at before it closes. Which by the way is very soon.

  6. Pat E. says:

    Panic begins to set in. Retracing her earlier steps, she tries, without success, to find the yarn. Now what should she do? She begins to pace, loom in hand. Maybe,

  7. Robin McCoy says:

    She gets there 5 minutes before closing time to realize that they have just the amount of yarn that she figures she will need for pattern. OH! But she needs to grab an extra pack of cable needles as well. Those in hand, she makes a bee-line for the cash register, makes her purchase, and heads back home. At a traffic light she spots a lady wearing a hat with an interesting design.

  8. Hannah says:

    Maybe she could try a diffenent yarn. But what kind of yarn? Or she could wait and keep looking, but if she waited she would drive herself crazy. Who ever knew something that is supposed to be relaxing could cause so much stress

  9. Hannah says:

    Hmm could that design be done on the looms, If so, it would be perfect for the project she was planning to make. This made her drive quite a bit faster to get home and try it out

  10. Jenny says:

    The design on the hat speaks to her like nothing else ever has. She is suddenly immersed in thoughts of waterways and koi, lillies and turtles. Golden leaves float in tidepools that shimmer through her thoughts. An insistent honk behind her bursts the daydream but she knows she must capture it with yarn. She wants to paint out the entire scene in yarn. Alas, her notebook is on the nightstand at home.

  11. Stacie says:

    She made it home, dropped the bag of yarn by her chair then fixed a wonderful caramel latte to help her relax. As she is about to pick up the notebook, yarn and loom the kids walk in and want to know what’s for dinner since they have to be baseball practice in 30 minutes.

  12. Jenny says:

    Agony! Will she be able to remember every detail of this new design bursting inside her? The time needed to prepare dinner seems like an eternity!

  13. Hannah says:

    Urg Why does it seem that every moment she tries to relax something gets in her way. She Gets up and makes a box of mac and cheese. Then she has to do the dishes. While she’s doing that the kids deside to make her yarn into a “spider web”

  14. Jenny says:

    She could get angry and scold them for it, but she realizes that they are expressing great creativity. She gives them each a skein of yarn and tells them to make anything they can imagine.

  15. Pat E. says:

    With a design in her head, she heads for the kitchen. She puts TV dinners in the oven, sets the timer and picks up the notebook again. Just as she is sitting down to put the desing on paper, the sound of a buzzer takes her back to family needs. With the hopes of some time to herself as the kids go to practice, she picks the pen up once again. Now where was she?

  16. Robin McCoy says:

    Then she turns her eyes toward her notebook and she snatches up the loom, pick, and yarn and casts on to her loom, the rows churn out before she even notices that she is knitting and purling away.

  17. Marianne says:

    Spiderweb… that brings up an interesting idea. Where is that notebook. Finally now that things have quieted down she sits with her notebook and makes a list of a few of the ideas she had today… the hat, the spiderweb shawl, and the original blanket edging that had come to her in a dream that morning.

    Some many ideas, so little time.

  18. Stacie says:

    Then what does she hear? Is that RAIN? Now the phoe is ringing and one of the kids shouts “No Practice”. Good, where is my notebook?

  19. Pat E. says:

    Stitch after stitch. Row after row. Her thoughts wander from one thing to another. Loom-a-longs. Socks. Kitchen towlettes. So many things to loom. She brings her thoughts back to her design and that notebook.

  20. Pat E. says:

    She picks up the notebook and her pen. She opens the notebook and, what’s this? The notebook is full! She scrambles to find some paper. Oh, no. There is not one shred of paper in the house.

  21. gettinitpegged says:

    (this is from Megan, my 12 year old) 🙂

    …to her great horror and suprise the project that had been taunting her all day was turning into one of her worst enemies…A DUCK of all things! Why a duck and how!??? Curses! That darn rain had made her remember that day when the duck attacked…darn rain!!!!!

  22. Jenny says:

    This might be a setback for most, but she bears the heart of a crafter. Right there in her craft cupboard is some fabulous scraps of wrapping paper, carefully collected and neatly folded after the last birthday party. She writes out her inspirations and tucks the paper inside her notebook. She is proud of the cheerful color it brings to her idea journal.

  23. Jenny says:

    Ah, the duck! But she knows that she can solve this too. She busily sets about designing “Duck Dodgers”

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  25. Hannah says:

    Her kids run out of the playroom and come to show her their yarn creations Inpressive indeed, A bowl of noodles with two knitting needles stick out of it, A Braided Rug, and a Mummy (the Youngest had used the whole skein to wrap himself like a mummy)

  26. gettinitpegged says:

    Hmmmmmm….she begins her task, only to realize that the memories of the near fatal attack are just too close to home. She decides to quickly and without delay, unravel her unworthy adversary, and send him back to the froggie pond where he belongs!!!

    Now that her nemesis is gone, she can again focus on her sheets of colorful wrapping paper covered with her designs, and her lovely yarn. This time she will pay closer attention to what is actually growing from under her loom!

  27. Jenny says:

    Curious… As her mind was wandering and her fingers were flying, the most wondrous lace shawl had blossomed from her loom. She fingered the creation with wonder.

  28. Stacie says:

    As she sitting there with the shawl, it hit her, her mother-n-law’s birthday was next week and the shawl was made in her favorite color.

  29. gettinitpegged says:

    How amazing what surprises life holds, she wondered, as she admired her handiwork. She had never seen such beautiful lacework before…this must have been what she was lead to create from all those pages of her notebook. It finally made sense to her. The reason she was being aided by her “Design Goddess” through the mists of slumber, was so she would be able to provide the most precious gift to her Mother in Law…the gift of her own hands, love, and creativity.

    Now onto that hat she saw while driving home…

  30. Terry says:

    Knowing that she should already be dressed and out the door for work, she just could not get motivated. She kept looking at her loom that had this great pattern on it (by Bethany). OK, the loom won out. I am staying home to finish this, she thought, as she picked up the loom and sat under the lamp. Maybe this would get her Fix..

  31. Terry says:

    I can’t change patterns in mid stream……..oh……sure I can. Anything to get that loom in my hands….

  32. Jenny says:

    And the hat was a logical place to start. She cast on her loom in a deep sea blue. Soon there were flecks of coral peeking through the stitches. On and on she stitched, creating a breathtaking seascape that she decided could only be called “Coral Capers”.

  33. Terry says:

    Whooooooo, it is finished!!!!!! I knew I could finish it if I could stay home. Now to check the stash and to see what I can start. Maybe I can get a good start…

  34. Stephanie Lavan says:

    on a matching sweater. How cute would that be, a matching sweater to go with the sea scape hat. Now where is that perfect blue?

  35. guppylovesshark says:

    The oceanic blue was nestled in a soft pile of the most beautiful kelp green yarn. Hoping the Design Goddess was smiling down on her, she charted the most intricate seaweed stockinette with chartreuse clown fish cavorting about in the tendrils of green. Sandy starfish would be worked up in crisp cabling and swimming sea turtles would grace the sleeves.

  36. Brandy says:

    After finishing all of that she thought she was finished but then another design popped into her mind. She grabbed her notebook and went to work again……

  37. guppylovesshark says:

    What good was a Seascape Sweater without a Seafoam Shawl? The shawl would need to be in a frothy lace and evoke the airy feel of seafoam.

  38. Hannah says:

    She raided her stash to try to find the perfect yarn for the shawl. She searched and searched until she found it. There it was nestled in the bottom of her box. She had bought it on sale a while ago and though she would never use it. But now she realized buying it had paid off.

  39. Stephanie Lavan says:

    Engrossed with the delicate cabling and dainty sea turtles, she begins to think how adorable this sweater would be on her youngest child. It would be so simple to reduce the pattern so the sweater would fit the 6 year old. Suddenly, she realized the house was quiet. Too quiet. The children! Where are the kids?!?

  40. guppylovesshark says:

    Oh! Disaster! The children have been playing in the kitchen. There is ketchup fingerpaintings and a large lake of worcestershire on the floor. She had to count to ten – ten times!

  41. Hannah says:

    She chased them all upstairs and they all listened knowing that when Mom was this mad it was not a good time to get into any more mischeif. Rrrr why did every time she got into her knitting she had some distraction to pull her away.

  42. Dianne says:

    She sat down in the chair. A toy made a noise under her arm. Design Goddess, she thought, take me away. At that moment a beautiful apparition appeared before her draped in the finest yarn she had ever seen. Her halo was like unspun fiber with natural colors beaming above her beautiful head. There was yarn on every part of her body draped in an intricate design that only a goddess could create. Was this real, would the children be able to see her? She relished the thought that the Design Goddess had appeared before her.
    Then the goddess spoke, so melodic, almost hynotizing. “I am here to fulfill all your design dreams” she said. Just hold my hand. She held the goddess’s hand, so soft, so magical and felt every creative thought she ever had flow like a river, all at once. No, I have to get this down, I can’t let this get away she thought” The goddess then said in her etherial voice, “you don’t need to write it down, it will always be with you. That is the magic I am bestowing upon you. You will never want for an idea or thought. She then disappeared as fast as she appeared.

  43. Dianne says:

    Was it a dream, was it real, would the children have been able to see her? She then began to think of the sweater, hat and even the spider web in designs that were so unique that she was in awe of herself. Charts and designs began to just flow on the paper on her desk. Oh this is just too good she thought. She then remembered the children; it was still very quiet and there was no magic in that just mischief for sure. She ran to see what disaster she would find awaiting her. When she opened to door, all the little darlings had different looms and their own yarn, helping each other, smiling, not fighting, actually having a wonderful time. The Design Goddess was here also, she thought. The Goddess managaged to take away the thought on so many kids’ mind, the “I’m bored thought” for the kids loomed on and on, not even wanting to go to bed. What a Goddess, she had made her kids happy, now what about her husband, would he be changed by the Goddess?

  44. Dianne says:

    These thoughts began to take a life of it’s own. So much went through her mind. Would her husband understand and encourage her looming habits? Maybe he would come home, cook dinner, bathe the kids and put them to bed while she designed these heavenly creations.
    Oh what wonders the Goddess could perform on her husband if she could manage the children. She became estactically happy, almost a delirium. With a start she awoke as her loom fell to the floor and she then realized………… IT WAS ALL A DREAM (except for the lingering smell of Worchestershire Sauce and Catsup)

  45. JackieA says:

    Now…where did she lay the notebook again? Oh yes, here it is…right next to the looms and yarn, just waiting for words of wisdom on how to do that new stitch. But what is the best way to explain it? Should she just try words? No…let’s go find that camera and take some step by step pictures too. Yes that should help those that say they only wished they could see what she is talking about.

  46. guppylovesshark says:

    With her beautiful tutorials completed and all set to share, she felt a deep sense of satisfaction. It was so marvelous to be able to share her passion with others. She felt gratitude reverberate throughout her being. Her love for fiber radiated from within and she was thankful to have kindred friends that carried the same passion within their hearts.

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