a Summer Sunday…

My husband’s work was holding their annual picnic in Tacoma, at Spanaway Park.  Well, after  spending a little time there, we decided that since we were in Tacoma anyway, we should take a trip to Point Defiance Park and Zoo!  This is one of our all time favorite places to be.  The last time I personally had been there was way back in 1998 or 1999, when our tykes were just little.  Well, guess what I went and left at home, not realizing we were going to visit the zoo?  Yep!  My camera!!!  Uuuughhh!  So we decided to stop by and pick up one of those disposable digital cameras, but the Target on the way didn’t have any.  I chose instead a tiny little Disney digital camera, that I thought I could keep in my purse for those “just in case” moments. 

After we returned home, I hurried to download the pics, thinking I had taken so many good shots!  The opportunities had definitely been there, but the camera technology was not!  Well, here are a couple of my favorites out of the bunch of them…we’ll have to go again this summer when I can actually bring my REAL camera, lol!  😉 

We did have an all around fantabulous time, and loved every minute of it…  it was definitely a family trip worth remembering!  I hope your weekend was every bit as worth while.  😀 


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