Lessons in Backing Up~

8281352 Front LargeOi!  You’d think that 2GB would be enough to do a little backing up of what I would call my “uber important info” off my main compy…well, think again!  😛

As I was hanging around the computer all day yesterday while being available for anyone who had questions about the workshop going on right now at the Loom Knitter’s Clique…I thought I’d use my time wisely, and back up a little bit.

Now, I have a confession…I have NEVER backed up any of my files or photos!!!   Well, I did try and back up my photos onto a CD, but there is so little space on those things that I decided to go the flash drive way…2 gigs should take care of all my essentials, right? 

Well, I was able to get all the important written files downloaded (of course all my looming patterns and files were the first to get copied, lol!) and I did manage to copy a lot of my pics…but every picture that has been taken with this little beauty…since about December of 07…and it’s a ton…have not been backed up.   <sigh…>

I either need to purchase another little flash drive,


8754476 Medium

or maybe I should invest in this…

those 250 g’s sound great!

Or…maybe one of these….?   What do you think?  Do you have a favorite memory device you like to use?  I’d really appreciate your feedback!  🙂


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2 Responses to Lessons in Backing Up~

  1. isela says:

    We just got a new backing system for all my pictures. Although I have a ton of patterns, I think I would be more sorry if I lost my pictures than the patterns–these can always be replaced. Anyways, we got the Iomega 1TB external hard drive–it is simple to use. You plug it in and you just copy the contents of what you want in there–easy and simple.

    Here is the link to a similar one (I couldn’t find the 1TB anymore):

  2. paula says:

    I have an 8GB flash drive, and an external hard drive for my desktop (Maxtor one touch) and laptop (Iomega little pink one.) They are both over 100GB for $100 or so

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