A Surprise Find at the Library~

I have this little problem going to sleep at night…little thoughts, ideas, worries, etc. tend to whirl around my noggin’ while I’m trying to count sheep.  So I have to read something to shut it all down and enjoy some inner quiet.   Well, all my books are still packed…there are a ton, as we’re kind of book fanatics around here…and we’ve decided to keep them upstairs…so, I’m sure you can sense my excitment about lugging all those heavy boxes up the stair case!  😉

Well, I’ve been trying to get to the library for about a week and half now, but everytime I’m driving by, I realize I forgot to load the overdue ones into the car, and they won’t let me check new ones out until they’ve been brought back…they’re kind of funny that way!  I actually made it there twice, not realizing they were already closed due to their new summer hours.  Uuuuggghhhh!

Well, yesterday I finally made it inside the building!!!  The first thing I do when I go to the library is peruse the DVDs as they’re right next to the book return counter.  I found this…

I thought I’d give it a try…

I found it super enjoyable!!!  This is the quirkiest thing…the idea that someone not only has multiple personality disorder, but that they actually physically change to become the new person.  But, it wasn’t a phsychological film…it was a tongue in cheek mockumentary based in the 1920’s.  I found it very humorous, and loved the vintage quality of the filming.  I highly recommend this if you like movies a tad in the sarcastic vein, that have unusual, but dry humor.  I know that sounds like a weird description, but that’s the closest I can come up with on how to explain this.  In short…I loved it!  😀   (Parental Warning:  If you have kidletts that actually listen to dialogue closely, you might want to prescreen this one…there are just 2 parts that I can think of that might be questionable for them to hear.  I always want to know these things when watching a new movie, as I don’t desire to have my kids exposed to undesireable surprise content.)

So grab some popcorn, and enjoy the flick!  Here’s another freebie…if you really like watching movies, I highly recommend you checking out Netflix!  They’re great to deal with, extremely afforadable, and extra convenient for busy schedules.  If you click on the movie box pic, you’ll go right there!  Enjoy!


PS:  I also checked out a couple of books that were on hold for me, and I went to sleep last night within the first 2 pages…I guess my body was just so worn down from lack of sleep over the last week that it just crashed!  Let me tell you…it was great!  😀

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