Girl’s Day~ Yay…I finally have visuals!!!

On Saturday (5/3), my daughters and I got to have a girl’s day out with my family. My 2nd eldest sister’s son is getting married in July, and his bride’s wedding shower was in Lacey, WA. Since we would all have to travel 30 miles to get there, we decided to make a day of it!

Girl\'s Day Out!First we met at the Centralia Factory Outlet Center, where some of us (I won’t mention who! Hehehe) had to do some very last minute shopping for the bride…then off we went to the Olympia Olive Garden for a scrumptious Italian lunch! Mmmmmm- mmmmm! 😛

Those around the table: my 2 eldest sisters, one daughter each, my mom, and my own 2 daughters. It was so fun! I think it was good to get out and go have some fun with just us girls…we don’t do that enough. And we were still missing my youngest sister and her daughter, a sister of one of the daughters who attended, and my brother’s wife, and her 2 daughters. Now you see why it’s so difficult for us all to get together…we have a tribe! We were having such a good time, that my sister had to call the bride, and tell her we’d be a tad late for her shower! Time just got away from us.

When we finally made it…about a half hour late!…we had a really enjoyable afternoon getting to know the bride’s family, and all the bridesmaids, and playing those kooky games you can only find at showers. One of the games involved breaking up into 4 different groups, and separating into different places in the house. We then had to use only toilet paper to design complete wedding attire for someone in our group! The bride then got to choose which one she liked best.

Emily\'s lovely outfit~

Megan...the blushing bride~My daughter Emily was the model in our group, and my Megan got to be the bride in another group…I think everyone was thinking “the smaller the model, the less wrapping in TP!” 







Check out all those TP roses!

I got to design rosebuds for Emily’s bouquet and headpiece, while the other ladies wrapped away.



Here is the finished TP bridal attire…

Here come the brides....

…and the winner is…

Emily! 😀

The bride said that even though she would probably wear dresses like the other three, she liked ours best for all the lovely detail. It’s amazing what you can do with a couple rolls of toilet paper! We tried to fit in a visit to Shipwrecked Beads… but we got there one minute after their closing time. Rats! Oh, well…that will be a reason to get everyone together for another Girl’s Day outing.

On a fibery note: yesterday, I got to KNIT! <BIG SMILE!> I only have 1 more wedge to go on my pinwheel blanket! I’ll post pics as soon as I have it off the loom, and stitched together…then it’s onto the 2 afghan squares I’m terribly behind on…and then I’ll get to the edging for the blanket. I have to shuffle between projects, so everyone’s happy, and I actually get them all done, lol!

Have a wonderful day!


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2 Responses to Girl’s Day~ Yay…I finally have visuals!!!

  1. Stephanie says:

    What fun!!


  2. Jenny says:

    The wedding dresses did turn out rather pretty 🙂 It looks like it was a fun day. Have a great day!

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