Moving Update!

Hey, All!  😀  Just wanted to give you an update on our moving status…if you were interested, lol!  We’ve been in our new place since Sunday night, and it already feels comfortable.  We had the great plan of not bringing in our boxes until we were ready for them…we only brought in the furniture, and beds/dressers, etc…and a tub of essential “get-ready” items…and of course our cat, Gus. Gus all packed and ready to go!(We had much appreciated help from my sister, nephew, brother-in-law, and his 2 sons!)  We left all the boxes in the garage, in their ordered places by room (this idea was given to me by a friend at my work, and it is going swimmingly!).  We just grab a box when we’re ready for it, and unpack a little at a time.  That way we’re not shuffling through tons of boxes, like our several moves in the past.  😉

We still are working on bringing over some last items…everyday after picking up my daughter from school, we go over and pick up a load in my little PT, and take it over to the new house.  This Sunday, we will be going over to completely empty out the metal shed in the back yard.  This we have saved till last, as we want to thoroughly inspect every nook and cranny for spiders.  We don’t want to take any of those nasties with us to the new place! 

I really had a hard time without an internet connection.  I missed all my loomy friends online!  With all my frantic packing, moving, cleaning, more packing & moving….I didn’t have a lot of extra time to be very chatty…and then to be without a hook up even if I wanted to chat…that was difficult, to say the least!  We ended up having to have a technician come out to fix the wires at the box to the house.  In the meantime, I had the phone company forwarding all incoming calls to my cell…but it turned out, they had input the forwarding number incorrectly by one digit, and I was receiving all of someone else’s phone calls on my cell!  I’ll tell you, that person wasn’t very happy with the whole situation…as was I, to tell you the truth!  😛  But it all worked out, and now I have my computer all set up, with the wires neatly wrapped, and unsnarled, and the monitor all dusted, and shiny…I’m a happy blogger!  🙂

Have a wonderful rest of the week!


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1 Response to Moving Update!

  1. Karen says:

    That is a great idea about keeping the boxes organized. Too bad when I moved the last time all of our boxes were out in a storage shed while we all crammed into a travel trailer. We were remodeling and had the whole house torn to shreds.

    Glad you are back online. I can’t imagine how I would survive 😀

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