just another bootie~

Bethany’s Booties…Knifty Knitter Style!


This is how the Knifty Knitter version of the new booties turned out…

Pretty cute, huh?  🙂


The pattern is all set to go for the class beginning tomorrow!  Yippee!!!  If you still haven’t signed up…now’s your chance…just click on the bootie and join in on the fun. 

**Your TO-DO list:

  • Once you’re there, officially enroll in the class through the Database.
  • Download the Supply List in the Files section.
  • Gather everything in a handy location, ‘cuz the class starts tomorrow
  • Of course, you can comment here too!
  • While you’re waiting for the class to begin…pop on over to Isela’s blog and see what she’s all geared up to do for a great cause…sponsor her for a chance to win a very superlicious prize!


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Whipping up whimsy with looms & string! :)
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5 Responses to just another bootie~

  1. isela says:

    Those little booties turned out beautifully!

  2. Jenny says:

    Oooh! Those booties are super cuteness too! Way to go Bethany!

  3. June says:

    Not “just another bootie” Bethany but “another ADORABLE bootie”! LOL

    You are so clever!

    I’m so excited! I can hardly wait until tomorrow! LOL

  4. Robin McCoy says:

    BETHANY!!!! I would have never thought that the bootie would turn out that cute on the KK looms! You are just genius! I guess I will have to use the line (stolen from Spongebob) that I use most often for Brenda…Bethany, your genius is showing. 😀
    I love it…but still plan on using my EFG. I need to break her in! I guess first thing in the morning, I will be making a swatch to see if I am good enough to be able to do the math. LOL!
    ‘Night and I will see you in class tomorrow! 🙂

  5. mar1annec says:

    Oh those booties are adorable. The only fine gauge loom I have is a straight rake. I wonder if that would work? I am so about to order some new DA looms and will keep your “clique” in mind.

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