A little snugglie comfort~

Well, I haven’t finished with my little project, but I thought I’d give you a little pic of what I’ve done so far…see if you can guess what it’s going to be… 

Hmmm…what could it be?


This is my first project using one of my new lovely “Christmas” looms from Decor Accents

This one is the XL adult FG sock loom.  I am LOVIN’ it! 

I love the way it knits so tiny, even with E-Wraps…very cool.  😀


I also wanted to share with you something that has been one of my favorite comfort items, and has been in much use this last week…

My heatable neck snuggler!

My heated Snugglie Goodness~This baby is a miracle worker for a stiff neck & shoulders!  I made it myself by creating a tube out of simple muslin fabric, funnelling in a mixture of flax & millet seeds,  sealing it up, and since I wanted this to be a “pamper me” kind of item, I wanted it to be pretty…

…so I pieced together some of my favorite color fabrics, and made an outside slip cover that cinches in on each end with ribbon.  This way, I can give the outside of the bag a cleaning when needed.  You just pop this item in the microwave for about 4 minutes, and you’ve got yourself a wonderfully steamy comfort roll to wrap around your neck and shoulders!

The only thing I would do differently, and may still do if I ever get around to making another one of these (do you think a body sized one would fit in the microwave?) …I would make the roll about 8 inches longer, and stitch on a wide gross grain ribbon, or velcro fastener, so that it could be wrapped and secured snuggly around my neck/shoulders without having it hold in place (while typing, etc!)

Well, there you go…rush off to your fabric stash and whip up a little (or big) warm comfort snugglie for yourself…you deserve it!  Now, I’m off to the microwave to give mine a little re-heating.  🙂


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