Wednesday’s What-not~

Just check out the PILE of…

Oh, all the endless possibilities!what is it?…dirty laundry?…contents of my linen closet?…

NO!  🙂  This is the absolute HAUL the girls and I made at the yearly fabric sale at Walmart!  You’re looking at over 55 yards of fabric…all for only a dollar a piece!  Yippee!!! 

Okay…we went kinda nuts going around touching, and ooooohing over every design and texture.  But, we do have a sort of plan for most of the fabrics we purchased, so it wasn’t just frivolous…I’m telling myself…  😉

The first item has already been sewn up complete…a black skirt that Megan needed for her Spring Strings Concert last night.

What girl doesn’t need a little black skirt?I whipped up this simple little thing without a pattern.  I just made sure to measure her really acurately, so it would fit correctly (hopefully) when done.  It has two slits up the sides, which Megan thinks are the bees knees…and the skirt fits to a tee!  🙂

I’m at the moment trying to download a little video for you to have a peek at the concert…it’s very cute to see the young budding musical talent…kids are just cute, period, so this is just extra fun to watch.  🙂

I’m having a little difficulty getting the link to show up here on my site, but you can go here to see the video on youtube.  And here’s the finale.   Enjoy!



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