It’s Wednesday Already?!!

Whoa!!  I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday, and I haven’t posted this week yet!  Yikes…that’s the longest I’ve gone without saying “hi!”.  But, I didn’t do it without thinking of you all…I really meant to post yesterday, but my computer crashed!  😦  I can’t tell you how nerve wracked I was when I couldn’t get the blasted thing to turn on!  All I could think of was all the things I had on there that I hadn’t backed up.  After over an hour on the phone with tech support and $80 + bucks later I had a working computer again!  Yippee!  It’s amazing how much we rely on technology.  I also made a trip to the store to pick up a 2 gig flash drive to back up my important stuff fairly easily…   so no more worries.  🙂

Well, to make up for lost time…this will NOT be a wordless post!

Flaming Cupcakes…About my weekend…my little Meggyloo turned the big, but not yet “teen” 12 years on Friday.  We had a wild party planned at the roller skating rink, with family and friends, and then she had a friend over for the night.

When I say “wild” I’m speaking about the idea that my darling daughter had of wearing furry mustaches, neon gangster hats & sequined bow ties!  I couldn’t believe my ears ‘lil gangstas~when she told me she wanted to do this…and at a public skating rink…but, she took a poll with her friends and they all definitely wanted mustaches! 

Go figure! 

So, I ordered the loot, and let them have at it.  I think the idea of wearing these funky items was more fun, than the actual wearing, because most of them took them off pretty quickly after sporting them for pictures.  😉

Treasure Trove~One of the games we played was a treasure hunt… well, it was a one person hunt…we left clues for Megan to find her presents! 

Before the party, I collected gems, and bobbles, special coins, some jewelry pieces (some made by me!) and created a clue that looked all old and worn, and put them all in a box that looked like an old book.  (I found this at Michaels in the home decor section…very cool find!)

hmmm…what does this mean?At the party, my eldest daughter and I created clues about each person that was there that Megan would be able to figure out, but would still be tricksy.  We gave out the clues secretly, and in order, so that each clue would lead to the next, and then to the box, and then to the big gift… which happened to be a new bike that my sister brought with her and kept hid in her truck.  😉

My Megan…12 years and flyin’!All in all, everyone had a really great time.  Megan even said that it was one of her most favorite birthdays! 

And one of my most favorite parts…I didn’t have to clean my house extra for company… and I didn’t have to clean up after the party!  😉  Definitely an added bonus!

**Happy Birthday Megan!** 

You were a beautiful baby, and you’ve grown into an even more  beautiful “almost teen”!


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