YO, Y2tog, SSK, YO~

Hey, all!  For some time now, I’ve been wanting to highlight a couple of wonderful  tutorials by two very talented loom knitters:  Stephany McElheran, of Loomy Daze & Denise Layman of Knitting Without Needles.  🙂

 Stephany has a very informative video produced at this link about how to YO Y2tog, & SSK, YO.  Definitely something to put on your need to watch list!

But what purpose do these techniques have, you say?…

Well, pop on over to Denise’s post here.  She explains further what uses these seemingly mystifying techniques serve!  For knitters, and designers alike, these skills are great additions to add your knitting know-how.

And as a little by the by…you probably have seen the great to-do happening over at the Purling Sprite’s site…she’s providing wonderful video tutorials all about knitting cables!  If you haven’t checked them out…by all means!  Pop on over!   

Ladies…I’m sending a BIG thank you your way for taking the time to push our learning a little bit farther.  You’re all brilliant!  💡


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1 Response to YO, Y2tog, SSK, YO~

  1. Marianne says:

    Thanks for the great links.

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