Counting Sheep?…

Counting Sheep~

I thought when you sleep…you’re supposed to be counting sheep.

Apparently my mind thinks that instead of counting the sweet little fuzzy things…it should be counting patterns! 

When you’re sleeping and dreaming, have you ever thought that you were having a major epiphany that would be earth shattering, only to wake up and find that your insight was sheer jibberish?  Last night I dreamed up no less than 5 new patterns for working on the looms!  Not only that, but exactly how to do them, including tricky techniques that I had no idea I even wanted to do…and they made perfect sense when I woke up! 

*Now, that’s cool!*

So, I sketched them out as soon as I woke up and realized what I (or my subconscious)  😉   had done.   It’ll be really cool to be able to knit them up and know that this thing I’m holding in my hands is literally a dream come true! 

I was so inspired by my sleep tutorials, that I had to play with paint and draw a memento of my experience, which is what you see up there at the top.  I just love the little sheep!  I think I’ll use them every so often, here and there, where a little fuzz is required.   🙂

Just a Reminder!What a BEAUTY!!!

There are only a few more days to get your pics in for the drawing which will be held on the first of February!

Not sure what in the world I’m talking about?  Just click here for all the info…  CLICK!

Thanks so much!  I can’t wait to see your wonderful pictures!



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3 Responses to Counting Sheep?…

  1. Karen says:

    I’ve designed house plans in my sleep 😀 …I like your dream catcher!

  2. Robin McCoy says:

    Glad to know that I am not the only person that has looming on the brain when I sleep. My hubby thinks it is pitiful and means that I am obsessed with the hobby! 😀 I clearly remember dreaming of finishing my first sock for the second time. I guess I was so proud when I had actually done it that my brain wanted to do a replay of the occassion! LOL!
    And I love your magnetic markers. When I get more into charts (which will be soon b/c a few of my hat patterns-to-be are done with charts AND each row written out to make it easier for people that can’t do charts) I will be making me some of those. I don’t know about the embellishing b/c I am just not too much into stamps and ink and all that jazz (spent $70 on scrapbooking items about 4 years ago and never finished my book!) But I think the plain ones were pretty! 😀

  3. Moosaka says:

    Wherever did you find that pic?!?! Is it an original? If it is, can we use it for our group? It is absolutely perfect!

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