Buckets, Bracelets, Mittens & more…

I hope you all have had a Fantabulous Christmas Holiday!!! 

Ours was splenderific!  For some reason this year, it finally sank into my deepest being that I didn’t have to be totally stressed out…our new Christmas tradition must be doing the trick.  Yippee!!   🙂

Here’s a little peek into what things we did, and gave over the holiday…

Christmas Bounty~

These were goodie buckets we made up to give to all of my extended family.  Keep your eye out right after St Patrick’s Day to get these buckets, usually priced at around $2 each, for 90% off!! Now that’s a great deal!  My girls and I made dipped pretzel rods wrapped in cellophane and ribbon to add to the regular chocolate, peppermints, and pistachios.  This picture was taken before I tucked a tangerine into each bucket just for good measure.

Bracelets for my mom & sisters~

I created these beautiful sparklies to add to each of my sisters’ & mom’s gift buckets.  They were a big hit!     🙂

Emily Mitts~

I finally mastered cables on the loom!!!  This I’m very excited about, as I have tried and tried over the years I’ve been loom knitting and just couldn’t get the hang of knitting these babies without stretching those stitches too much.  Isela made knitting these beauties a snap!  The project above is made from the Jamie Mitts pattern in her new book, Learn to Knit Cables on Looms.  But the ones shown are now dubbed Emily’s Mitts!  She wears them most of the day, so she must think they’re the “bees knees”.

New Mittens for Me!

Of course, I couldn’t forget a little something for me!  These are wonderful mittens that I knit up based on Isela’s Itty Bitty Mitts pattern…just enlarged.  I love the way the thumb is done in one piece with the hand…no piecing after the fact!  Great idea!  🙂  

out with the old…

…and by the looks of my old mittens, it was high time for a new pair!   😉

Happy Boxing Day!


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