Eerie Lookalikes…

I was going through my family’s photos with an idea buzzing around in my head for a new post, when I came across these really spooky look-alike photos.  Perfect for the Halloween season!

The first I will show you is of my husband.  The top picture was taken in 1988, by myself, while we were dating.  He’s posing proudly in front of his first car…yes, it is a Pinto 😉 …in front of my parent’s house.  Notice how he’s standing with his left leg in front of his right, his hands in his pockets, even the expression on his face and where on the car he is leaning. Spooky!!!!!


 The bottom picture was taken in 2003, by my father,  in front of another new car, also taken in front of my parents house.  Notice how exactly alike the two pictures are!  Even the gap of 15 years doesn’t make any difference to the essence of the photos.  CREEPY!!



The next 2 pictures are of myself and my oldest daughter Emily.  The first one is me, in 1986, 10th grade.  The second one is Emily, in 1999, her 2nd grade picture.  How weird is that?! (insert Twilight Zone theme song…)


Do you have any eerie photos like these…dopplegangers that appear  13-15 years later, or more?  Tell me about it in the comments…I’m ready for a good creep out!  After all, it’s almost Halloween.    😯


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