Can I trust you?

Well, I went to the entomologist specialist at the health department and she promptly said, without a second glance, that my 2 specimens of the spiders we’ve been having trouble with were NOT hobos.

Let me tell you that these guys looked exactly like all the photos of hobos I’ve been studying over the last month and a half.

Even though the “specialist” said these were not the real thing…how can I truly know unless she looks under a microscope and conclusively, scientifically finds without a doubt that what she states, is true? 

More to the point…how can I trust that the spider crawling across my living room floor is not the venomous, blood sucking monster it truly looks like?

If anybody knows…please be kind & let me know.  I’d truly appreciate it! 


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1 Response to Can I trust you?

  1. Brittany says:

    Even if it is a hobo it doesn’t matter. Hobo spiders actually are NOT the big bad monster they were made out to be. Most spider bite cases that have been pinned on Hobo spiders were actually the result of another spider, usually the black widow.

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