Halloween in August?!

Well, my week has been so exciting! 

As noted in the blog before…we have had a little trouble with spiders.   Poisonous ones, to be specific.  Yep, Hobo spiders. 

Well, on Monday, when my daughters and I were going through their clothes to weed out, pass down, get rid of, etc…we were taking a bag of clothes for my younger daughter to still grow into, out to our storage shed, there were at least a dozen of their funnel shaped webs laced underneath the wooden pallet crates (yeah, not a good idea) we use as a floor to keep everything up off the ground.  Looking down we saw a very large specimen right at the door, practically waving at us and inviting us for tea!  I grabbed a stick and speared it…then armed with my weapon looked around for more.  I was rewarded with another, and I speared it too!  Call me the mighty spider hunter!

Wednesday night, while watching a new episode of Strong Bad (he’s great for a laugh if you have a particularly weird sense of humor 🙂  ) on the computer, I see a big one quickly making it’s creepy way under the computer desk!  I luckily was holding a pair of my shoes (a minor miracle!)  and found it lurking behind some cords and whacked it…it tried to run away and I promptly, wearing both shoes on my hands smooshed it as hard as I could, with great success & satisfaction!

Halloween in August?!

 Needless to say, we went out and bought some traps.  We have a box set into the ground made for holding fire wood, which right now only has one neatly wound hose, right outside our back door off the patio.  I had my husband, wearing thick gloves and armed with a hammer, open the lid so I could toss in a trap.  On the bottomside of the lid, we immediately saw 6 large hobos and some assorted babies hovering in their webs.  My husband promptly pounded them one by one with his hammer.  Then, as if this wasn’t enough, we noticed that they had company…2 black widows were slinking around, hoping we wouldn’t spot them!  My husband quickly dispatched them as well, while I…brave little me, (yeah, right 😉  ) stood shuddering and scratching.  We didn’t buy those traps any too early, let me tell you!

In knitting news, I’m working on something orange & wooly, which I’ll share with you soon.  But with all the creepy spiders and all the orange yarn, I feel like it’s already October 31st and I’m perpetually being boo’d!

My fifteen year old daughter said that if I could be a superhero, I should be Spider Woman…I promptly said, “No Way!  I’d have to get bit!” To which she replied that I wouldn’t have to go that far…all I’d have to do is dunk myself in a vat of radioactive materials and I’d be set!  😀


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