The Scoop on Seaming & the Cabled Katrina~

The newest issue of the Loom Knitter’s Circle is LIVE! 🙂

This means that I can add to our Gettin’ It Pegged! collection of how-to articles on basic-but-very-useful information of loom knitting skills and techniques.  Look for the newest edition, The Scoop on Seaming, on the both the Freebies page and the Twisted Stitches page right here at the Clique! 🙂  I’ve now added the collection to both pages, as I felt they were valuable enough to receive double exposure, lol.   Pop on over and take a look and feel free to download your very own copy for yourself while you’re there.

Speaking of the new LKC issue, there is a charming little hat (that really is my new absolute favorite to wear) included in the terrific selection of patterns this time around (have you seen Kelly Jones’ amazing knitted CLOCK?!…or the newest edition of Dailey Occurrences?).  I’m speaking of the Katrina Souch Cap…or what I actually intended on naming it, but must have been too super tired to get that right the first time around, lol…the Cabled Katrina!  Cute sounding, right? 🙂

Here are some fun photos of this charming little cap (click on the photos to see them in  slide show format):

This project is fun for several reasons, the fact of it being so adorable set aside, lol.  I love the way the shape is created by using short rows in garter stitch.  It forms the exact shape needed to fit around the cabled trim, while creating a natural place for the faux pom pom to be gathered.  The hat is knit vertically, as well, rather than the traditional horizontal construction style.  You get to practice cables while employing yet another way to enjoy the Cabled Mug Hug pattern!  Better yet, the two pieces are attached together while looming, so no seaming necessary (except one little seam up the back of the hat)!  How cool is all that? 😀

I truly hope you enjoy all the new offerings!  Pop on over to the Loom Knitter’s Circle to pick up your own PDF copy of the magazine in it’s entirety…this ensures that this valuable loom knitting publication continues to remain active, and lets you safely save all those fabulous patterns, articles, reviews, comics, and fun, to peruse at your leisure for years to come.  Enjoy!



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1 Response to The Scoop on Seaming & the Cabled Katrina~

  1. Robyn says:

    Love your patterns.Can’t wait for my loom to come .

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