…and the final WinNeR is:

As you probably are well aware, we’ve been slowwwwly announcing the winning names from our end of the year fun at the Yahoo Gettinitpegged Chat Clique. I thought I’d drag this celebration out as long as humanly possible, lol. 😉  Actually, I’ve just been pretty busy and haven’t had the chance until now to get the last two prizes together, as well as waiting for the January LAL to be completed for the drawing of the Oven Mitt Pics. (Yay Stacy!)

But, I now can announce the final winner and the last 2 prizes!  I bet you all have been just dangling on the edges of your seats, right? 😉

The last category for the chance to win was during our games in the group for the closing of the year.  We did a few little fun things and I counted up each person’s participation into a numbered list and consulted the random numbers generator.  The person who’s number came up was…………………………………………………

Jeannette Pirkle!

Woohoo…let’s give it up for Jeannette, a favorite in our loomy world ’cause she’s just so fun to have around! 🙂

So, now that we know who’s winning the last two prizes, let’s show you what they are:

Prize One:

Magnet Pattern Markers & 2 Cool 4 Stix Button!

Hand made by yours truly and as a result the stitches are just a wee bit wonky due to the fact that I'm still getting used to my new baby, lol. 😉

2 toned ribbons...and don't you just LOVE those sheep?!

Prize Two:

2 Cool 4 Stix Roll-Up Tool Pouch & Knitted Pencils!

Once again...made by myself...wonky stitches included, lol.

Back side all tied in a bow~

...what it looks like untied...zipper and all!

So, if you two gals (Jeannette and Stacy) would be so kind as to tell me in the comments which prize you’d like to receive as your very own, I would be ever so pleased. This in itself is a type of game… it’ll be a race to see who picks first, as there’s just the two of you, so better be quick!  I’ll also need a physical address for Stacy (you can pop it in my private  email at Bethany@Gettinitpegged.com)  Thanks a bunch!

Congratulations Gals…Thanks for playing along with us!  😀


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Whipping up whimsy with looms & string! :)
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10 Responses to …and the final WinNeR is:

  1. Jenny says:

    Congrats to Stacy and Jeannette!

  2. I second that! Congrats to Stacy and Jeannette! & Thank you Bethany for offering these little contests. What a great way to inspire all of us.

  3. Jeannette Pirkle says:

    Thanks so much Bethany. Your page is always so fun to read. I love the little contests too. Thanks Jenny and ‘loom knitting central’.

  4. gettinitpegged says:

    You’re so welcome, Jeannette! 🙂 I have you marked down for the magnet pattern markers and the 2 Cool 4 Stix button…they’ll be sent to you very soon. I hope you enjoy them!


  5. Brenda Myers says:

    Woo-hoo!!! Go, Jeanette….go,Jeanette (and Stacy, too)! Can’t think of more deserving folks!

  6. stacy says:

    Congrats Jeannette! Awesome prizes, thanks Bethany! Sorry I didn’t see it till now to post first, but hey, that’s what 7 month olds do to your life, right? Thanks again! I’ll drop my addy in your email!

  7. Jolene Torgler says:

    Congratulations, Jeanette!!!

  8. Jolene Torgler says:

    These contests have been so much fun, and was able to try out new stitches and patterns because of them. Keep up the contests, Bethany… they are really inspirational!

  9. gettinitpegged says:

    Congratulations, Stacy! 🙂 I’ll be able to send your one of a kind roll-up baggie very soon…I’ll be awaiting your addy. Thanks again for playing with us this last month! 😀

  10. Jolene Torgler says:

    A very big CONGRATULATIONS, Jeanette!

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