Chester in the Grass~

Is it Splendor…or Chester in the grass?

How cute is that?!I think he’s as handsome as Warren Beatty!   😀

Well, just to let you know a little of what we’ve been doing around our house lately…

…besides combating the “back to school flu”…

concentrating hard!My Emily has been working on her 2nd sewing project…1st  to be actually completed so far.  I think this one will give her the confidence, or initiative to go ahead and finish the first one now. 😉



She’s doing an excellent job…and this is not a beginner’s pattern. Skirt progress so far…

*Keep it up, Emily!

On a LOOMY NOTE…I’m working on 3 projects at the moment!  Leave it to me to go crazy with ideas, and then not have the fortitude to focus on one thing long enough to actually finish it before beginning another.  Oh, well.  So is life!  🙂  I am working on the October Peggin’ Pages Edition…keep your eyes on the look out!

Well…Have a Happy Wednesday!  I guess mine was definitely not “wordless”!  😀


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Whipping up whimsy with looms & string! :)
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