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Scrubby-O’s group

Scrubby-O’s! found on the Freebies page~

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2 Responses to Scrubby-O’s group

  1. Eva says:

    These are so wonderful! I’ve been trying forever to figure out how to make scrubbies!! The video tutorial you made for these was incredibly helpful. I do have one questions, how do the wedges get hooked together? Thanks for all the inspiration

  2. gettinitpegged says:

    Hi, Eva! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Scrubby-O’s and the video series. 🙂

    In answer to your question, when creating each wedge, just build right on top of the previous wedge without removing from the loom, and create the new using exactly the same procedure… no cutting or stitching wedges together required! This was such an excellent question (and one that I’ve had before, lol) that I’ve updated all the posts with this project so that this information will be easier to find in future…thanks so much for keeping me on my toes! 😉

    Happy Looming!

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