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Pinwheel Blanket…pattern by Denise Layman

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3 Responses to completed-pinwheel-blanket

  1. I Love it the trim and the colors are fab.

  2. Rose Simmons says:

    I like the pinwheel blanket. Could you email me information on how to get the pattern to do it and how long does it take to make one.

  3. gettinitpegged says:

    Hi there, Rose! 🙂

    If you go to this link here: https://gettinitpegged.com/?s=pinwheel+blanket …you’ll find all the info that I personally have on the pinwheel blanket while I was creating my enlarged version. If you start at the bottom, you’ll be at the beginning of the adventure, lol. 😉

    There is also the link to purchase the pattern from Denise Layman included in these posts.

    Mine took me several months to finish, but again, I was making an adult size, rather than the child size it was written for, and I was very busy with lots of other things at the time, so couldn’t devote as much time as I really could to making it. It’s really a fun item to loom…I think you’ll enjoy it! 🙂


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