Evan’s Sweater = Mission Accomplished!

Guess what??!  The Beast has been tamed! :D

Evan's Sweater...All done!

Evan’s Sweater is officially done and fits perfectly…can we let out a big collective *sigh*, lol!  Whew.  I would say that this is the largest item I had created on the looms to date, but during the creation of Evan’s Sweater, this and this happened, which tipped the magnitude scales by a bit. ;)  (click on the photos below for a slide show!)

Anyhoo…it’s done and Evan’s happy and I’m happy. :)  Feel free to read all the details on my Ravelry Project page here.



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Ta-da! Something new is afoot! :)

Facebook post via Authentic Knitting Board yesterday:



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The last four…

Yep…I just wound the last four balls of handspun-by-Emily-merino/alpaca-yarn for Evan’s Sweater! 


Since I’ve been only winding skeins as I need them, that means that these are the last balls left! :D I hope there’ll be enough… Emily & I are crossing our fingers.

(Yes, I know this was supposed to be a Christmas 2013 present, but now I’m shooting for his birthday in May.  Please don’t judge.) ;)

Happy Spring to you all!!!

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